How to Force The Universe to Manifest Your Dream Life

You CAN'T force the universe.

You don't actually FORCE anything.

The universe is ALREADY willing to give you everything you want.

In fact, the very second you think about it… it exists. It isn’t in a "physical" existence yet but the instant you become aware of something in your mind, it has been created...


Do You Belong To A HIVE?

...and if so what hive?
...exactly where did YOU come from anyway?
...and what determined how our human bodies would look like and operate like?
...and what happens after you die?

Sevan Bomar answers all these questions and more but it is up to you on how to best use these answers. You might want to ask:
"Well how in the hell does this guy know??"

And I will answer by saying:

IMPORTANT: Major Changes for Email Marketers

Higher ROI with Email Campaigns

Well, it finally happened.

Email isn't as effective as it used to be.

Don't get me wrong, email is STILL the reigning champion of profiting online.

But it's becoming harder for us email marketers to enjoy the same kind of results we used to get from sending out just one simple email.

Deliverability is getting tougher with all the new regulations, and this coupled with MORE marketers using email than ever before... has forced open rates, clicks and sales to PLUMMET.


How To Get Sales Using Facebook

How To Get Sales Using Facebook

Facebook is the king of social media and social media is the king of billions of people's past time activities. So if you want to reach the most people you have to go to where they are at.

Once you get there, who in particular should you contact and in what manner? And if you get a rejection, how hard should you continue pushing?

Surely you have heard about all the different people from various backgrounds having spectacular success using social media as their main platform for reaching targeted buyers for their products and services. So are they ALL lying OR do they just know something you don't? And is that SOMETHING a thing you can easily learn without spending years in a college or years graveling at the footstep of some CEO hoping he/she will bless you with the proverbial Holy Grail of marketing wisdom?


How To Make Commissions All Day Long

We all want to make some extra side income in addition to our jobs. We all want to build up enough side income to the point where it can reinvest itself into a healthy reliable retirement. We all want to have enough side income to go on those needed vacations to far away destinations of paradise.

...And then there are those of Us who have the audacity to want that side income to build so big that it actually replaces our main job!

Ahhh, this is the dream often sold by the many ads you've seen throughout the web no doubt. This is what you read about in all those various emails you may have tossed away as spam.

BUT is it REAL?


10 Life Lessons From A Navy Seal

This is a speech by Admiral William H. McRaven at the University of Texas Austin revealing 10 important lessons he learned as a U.S.Navy SEAL. You will see how these lessons translate to your own life and how using them will make a far better world...
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Summary Of The 10 Lessons Learned As A Navy Seal