The Best Way To Get Traffic To Make Life Changing Income

Most of us have been in this desperate situation before and I'm sure a lot of you have too if you've been trying to make any kind of income online for a couple of years at least.

I'm not going to beat around the BUSH with this subject either because it still makes me very ANGRY even to this very day.

So what is this recent rant all about then?

Back in the day I used to have an unbreakable belief that the only way to get traffic and to be able to make any kind of life changing incomes online from that traffic was to...

...Rely on Google and their SEO BIBLE!

But guess what. The more I relied on them the more they seemed to move the goalposts from view and change their latest rules almost overnight without any prior warning whatsoever!?..

I Don't Want To Work For Anybody But ME!

It used to be very easy for me to get a job and do everything the "boss" said to do even when they were saying it in a crude and oftentimes disrespectful manner. So why would I accept such treatment you ask? Because I needed the money and in an economy like ours jobs are commodities worth holding onto and the "bosses" of these jobs know that and thus figure they can treat you any old way simply because you need that gig.

But let me tell you a story...

A story about a job I once had and thankfully never will again!


How You Got Enslaved and Don't Even Know It!...

Many of us like to consider ourselves as FREE beings living in modern day society where we have learned from the past lessons of physical slavery especially here in The United States of America. But what if it was all a facade and in fact slavery never actually ended?...

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