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    Healing With Qi Gong Exercises and Sounds

    Qi Gong Healing Prescriptions
    This curated content post shares the objectives and overall benefits of doing QiGong exercises coupled with the chanting certain sounds. I have come to find that these simple non-physically exerting exercises create great internal peace along with clearing up any stuck emotional points you may be suffering from caused by living in a world filled with so much drama. And all this ultimately heals even physical illness as you will soon bear witness to - believe it or not.

    Lets first start by defining QiGong: Qi means energy, the electromagnetic current that animates yoir physical being including your organs which in turn greatly influences your emotional thus spiritual parts of your being. Gong means to direct or manipulate in order to control. Therefore, Qi Gongis the science of manipulating ones energy in order to bring it to a fully balance state which brings peace, total healing for many ailments and illnesses, and eternal bliss.

    In order to direct/move this energy requires specific bodily movements in combination with special breathing techniques. But the strongest "moving force" (wonder where that jedi stuff in Star Wars came from!) is hidden in the fact that EVERYTHING vibrates at a certan frequency and anything that vibrates makes a sound therefore it is sound that moves, shapes, and creates EVERYTHING in existence..

    Does not the B.asic I.nstructions B.efore L.eaving E.arth say " in the beginning was the word?!"