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    What It Means To Sponsor Someone

    This video explains exactly what you need to do when sponsoring people into a recurring income business opportunity then...

    Posted by William Caleb with Learning How People Make Money Online on Saturday, December 12, 2015


    The Review Of The Traffic Authority

    All the way up until October 30th I had been sitting on the fence regarding an up and coming online business opportunity called Traffic Authority. Today I want to share with you why I finally joined as well as provide you with an insiders look at exactly what you get after joining.

    First off, the main product being sold here is the one thing that every single online business needs and that is: TRAFFIC!

    An online business simply cannot survive and thrive without actual real people which we call "traffic" regularly visiting their site.  So that puts Traffic Authority in a position where businesses continually come back to buy more and more because as an online business owner you can never have enough traffic :)

    Watch the video training below as Joe Neid our communications guy shows you every nook and cranny inside the Traffic Authority members area...


    I Finally Updated My Facebook

    This is just a quick post to share my updated Facebook about me section as I thought it would be cool for you all here who visit my blog to actually get even more insight as to the type of Being I am. here it is below:

    Back in the day I was an aspiring M.C. music maker and writer but nowadays my main goal is to live the entrepreneur lifestyle where I work for nobody but myself which is what true freedom is to me! Needless to say, I have not yet fully mastered this but the journey has definitely been a "trip" so far and I won't stop til I get there...

    The Perfect MasterMind Group For IM'ers

    This video training will introduce you to a private mastermind group I have been a member of over the past several months. And if you are a student of internet marketing in any way, shape, or form then this is for you...

    This was originally produced in 2015 and the principles taught still have not changed since then so it only makes sense to #keepitsimple and stick with what's been working.

    The programs, trainings, and virtual text books mentioned herein have been recently consolidated into one place that we now call the Simple Freedom Club...

    I am William Caleb Rodgers -the one who invited you- and your entrance to the mastermind begins here...

    WCR says:


    Decoding The Power Principle

    POWER is magnetic which means it attracts unto itself so any one or thing that possesses its attributes is capable of attracting more one's or things unto itself. Since a great deal of LIFE deals with "being fruitful and multiplying" then POWER becomes the greatest thing people desire -- even more than money because money afterall is just a way to gain more power...

    Therefore, it is important to study this thing called POWER and in particular how certain ones or nations have risen to acquire and use it.

    In the video that follows you will discover how the biggest nation in recent history acquired its power along with the tactics they continuously use to maintain their power...


    Can You Hypnotize Anyone By Just Speaking?

    This is an extremely time sensitive message from my trusted colleague Steve G. Jones, so take a moment to read this short note below:

    (From Dr. Steve G. Jones)

    I don't claim to be a "know-it-all."

    But the one thing I DO know better than 99.99% of the people on the planet is how to use hypnosis in both everyday life and therapeutically.

    After all, that's just about the only thing I have done with my life, professionally speaking, for the last 25 years!


    Knowledge This...

    Here is an article I found via EzineArticles that gives a unique insight on the concepts of knowledge and how to use it:

    knowledge and wisdom

    Knowledge And Wisdom

    Knowledge is the foundation of understanding to know Creator and creational realities within this existence and beyond.

    If we analyze its core concept and dive deep into its meaning, then we will arrive at a definite conclusion. It leads to asking a question covering each and everything within our observation and imagination. It is a fact that question is the key to knowledge. Great philosopher Plato famously defined knowledge as, "justified true belief, though well-justified true belief." In order to understand comprehensively then it needs considerable amount of time and scholarly discussion in academic environments.


    Where Is All The Money?

    ‎Money‬ truly is ‪‎everywhere‬! It is an energy like all other energy which can neither be created nor destroyed, it merely flows and gives life-like properties to the things it flows through. In other words, it ACTUALIZES the shape (or image!) it flows through!


    How To Use Attraction Marketing And Social Media The Right Way

    Powerful Training here on exactly what is Attraction Marketing being that so many ppl tend to use it as some catchy phrase related to that movie "The Secret"



    A Look Inside A Million Dollar Advertising Spend

    It is not that often you get to see how much money it takes for a business to earn and maintain steady multi-million dollar earnings year after year.

    However, in the following video you are about to see exactly how and specifically where the owner of one highly successful online company that offers a lucrative home business opportunity to its users called MOBE ~which stands for My Online Business Education~ invests their advertising funds on...


    Double Standards Between The Sexes

    The following was re-posted from The Self Evolution Resource Page on Facebook. When you are done reading please leave a comment with your thoughts on this...

    This is a question I've often heard asked throughout my years and I never heard a response quite like this one... tell...

    Posted by The SELF Evolution Resource Page on Monday, June 29, 2015


    How To Be Seen By Hundreds Of Thousands In Milliseconds

    A big change has come into manifestation this past decade. It has replaced how and even more importantly where we congregate. No longer do we have to set an appointed time to meet up at a park or fancy restaurant just to talk... no longer do we have to travel thousands of miles away to see our loved ones who actually physically do live thousands of miles away!

    How's that you asked?


    Getting Started In Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing seems like a great idea for people who want their own business and freedom from the daily grind of a corporate job.

    It can provide a great source of income, but it's not so easy to get started and like many businesses, there are a lot more failures than successes.

    Let's take a look at what you should do when starting out...


    How To Get A 90% Open Rate Using Facebook

    I have the perfect "WHAT IF" scenario for you if you ever wanted to use Facebook to get traffic WITHOUT paying hefty Facebook advertising fees:

    You know that little red notification in the top right of your Facebook pages that lets you know you have a message to read? You know that one little red notifier that you cannot resist clicking on?

    Well what if you could send your marketing messages right there just as would with a normal autoresponder targeting the EXACT person who is most interested in your offer, well if this even remotely grabs your attention then you MUST watch this video...


    How Do Online Business Opportunities Pay You?

    This is the main question people want to know after investigating an online business opportunity. It's like in their minds, they do not see how money can come from their computers and if you look at it in such a concrete way well of course money won't come from your computer!

    Your computer is just a newer tool to use to generate income in a more efficient manner. The money comes from a transaction where something is sold then bought as it always has been.

    However, an intriguing factor that differentiates making money online are the creative compensation plans that multiplies your earned money with less effort. Let's demonstrate this by going over one unique business opportunity that I am an investor in

    Why Gold Is Important: Part 1

    Gold has always been highly regarded as a thing of great value, yet rarely do you hear anyone speak on WHY? So here's a video interviewing none other that Kevin "Mr. Wonderful" O'Leary of SharkTank discuss the importance of gold to him as well as other wealth-building wisdom...

    One major problem I see in our society is mass ignorance where financial terminology is concerned. The public needs to be educated on financial matters in a way that is simple and straight to the point so here's a fully cataloged library to improve your Financial Literacy...


    Misplaced Belief Systems For Creating Wealth

    A famous billionaire once said that even ordinary streets are paved with gold if only one will spend the time to see why.

    Everyone could make wealth but the problem often is that a person is too preoccupied with negativity that the eye fails to see.

    The following are misplaced belief systems that are firmly established in the human psyche that blinds the eye hindering the possibility of creating wealth.

    The creation of wealth is directly proportional to the amount of hard work that a person is willing to take.
    At the start yes, there is no substitute for that. After all, the person that desires to create more wealth will have to conceptualize, experiment, study and will, on many occasions be willing to make mistakes to learn more. Once the hard part is over, (for the most part it takes only a while) the person could hire hands to do the working for him.

    There is no one person on earth who is a depository of all knowledge after all.

    Home Based Business Starter Hints

    Many individuals right now are sick of running to a daily job of 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening and so they're seeking best home businesses.

    There are numerous home businesses and the only thing that you have to do is to look around and get the correct business ideas. Running your own home business has got lots of benefits compared to working for somebody else’s business.

    One of the benefits is that your schedule is more flexible. This is because you get to work at whatever time that you wish and likewise at the comfort of your own home. This is really nice as you've time for your loved ones and friends as compared to being an employee.


    Finding The Right Foundation For Success


    In order to build your own success you have to bear the correct foundation.

    What does success mean to you? For a couple of individuals, being successful merely entails having a lot of income. While for a few other people, being successful means experiencing a beneficial relationship, fine health or doing a bang-up job in a career.

    Regardless how you specify success, there must be a basic definition deep in your brain. You comprehend precisely what you wish to achieve in your life story. And if you achieve it in your life story, you will be considered a success.

    The Cornerstone

    Before you are able to achieve the success you desire in your life story you need to


    Enter The Mind of Albert Einstein

    Earlier this morning I got swept away by a fascinating video documentary that focused on the life of Albert Einstein one of the most revered scientists of our time. Several things struck me, one of which was that most people really do not understand his Theory of Relativity intuited through him from his understanding of the bending nature of space itself.

    Now surely you have heard of gravity and that what comes up must come down, BUT after understanding what you're about to watch even that widely accepted axiom is going to be challenged! Not to mention his drama with the women in his life...YES even geniuses go through it too lol!

    Everything Must be Balanced In Your Home Business

    The Perfectly Balanced Home Business
    We all comprehend that aptitude and disposition is essential when you take on a business. However, it's more essential to have the disposition because knowledge might still be worked at. If you're not interested with a certain opportunity, it's likely that you'll get tired of doing matters repeatedly and you'll want to quit later on, leading you to failure in your business.

    Do It Right

    If you do like it, it's likely that you would also be able to produce awesome quality without having to exert too much effort. After which, your employer ought to be satisfied, acquire more of your work and then you succeed in your business.


    Ever Dreamed of Being Super Human?

     ...who hasn't, right?

    Thoughts of flying high in the air, speeding faster than a bullet, doing good to hundreds or thousands of folks
    in your hometown, or the world...

    You might have even played their games, read their comic books, or even worse disguised yourself as one of them and paraded around your neighborhood, half naked with your underwear on the outside of your spandex and your son's goggles wrapped tightly around your forehead...

    Well, it isn't as far from "fantasy" as you might think. 
     (Welcome to the 21st Century of Consciousness Tech!)

    Sound interesting

    You ain't seen nothin yet.


    Make Money at Home with Income Society

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