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Here is an article I found via EzineArticles that gives a unique insight on the concepts of knowledge and how to use it:

knowledge and wisdom

Knowledge And Wisdom

Knowledge is the foundation of understanding to know Creator and creational realities within this existence and beyond.

If we analyze its core concept and dive deep into its meaning, then we will arrive at a definite conclusion. It leads to asking a question covering each and everything within our observation and imagination. It is a fact that question is the key to knowledge. Great philosopher Plato famously defined knowledge as, "justified true belief, though well-justified true belief." In order to understand comprehensively then it needs considerable amount of time and scholarly discussion in academic environments.

It is also a fact that philosophy's core is the theory of knowledge. Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq says that knowledge is the comrade of a faithful believer. Therefore, knowledge is defined philosophically, which is based on justification, truth and believe. Hence, it is mandatory and obligatory that the seeker of knowledge should adopt a virtuous path and be a firm believer and justifies his actions and deeds.

Wisdom is defined as the ability to think and act using knowledge. It is an important virtue affecting our performance leading to transformation of personality. Hence, the personality reflects maturity of mind and conduct of a character establishing a reputable stature. It is important to note that all these factors of knowledge and wisdom are solely dependent on truth and honesty. It is also significant that heart and mind are synchronized both in actions and deeds, thereby, culminating in a state of contentment. Anything other than truth and honesty is the perversion of knowledge and wisdom.

If we explore our creation's concept, its meaning and existence, then realities will become conspicuous within this realm and beyond. Human beings' creation signifies creational unique strategy of Fitrat. (Fitrat is an Arabic word). It is original special and specific creations without any analogy. (Unfortunately, there is no equivalent word in English language for Fitrat). Human beings are given the gift of knowledge and wisdom. They are also given reasoning power and choice, hence, accountable. The most important thing is the concept of knowledge along with action. These are the two sides are of the same coin. You cannot eliminate one from the other. The third factor which is linked to both is the truth. Hence, everything narrows down to fundamental truth and honesty. Therefore, the foundation of knowledge and wisdom is directly proportional truth and honesty. There is no compromise on this subject. Otherwise, the very purpose of having knowledge and wisdom is doom defeated.

Our daily life experiences the widening gap and nuisances between knowledge and wisdom. It then compels us to think logically within the ambit of existence to arrive at a certainty with conviction. Thus, a person should be a firm believer to use knowledge and wisdom to pronounce a correct decision. T.S. Eliot says,

"Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"

The volatility in our mind and heart will jeopardize the thin fabric of contentment of knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, it is essential that we should be clear in mind and heart about truth and honesty. Any deviation will make our knowledge and wisdom redundant and ineffective. In fact, it will do more damage to individuals and society.

It has been written and established that Imam Ali Ibne Abutalib's sermons and letters, in peak of eloquence (Nahjul Balalaghah) also contained the seeds of philosophical and scientific inquiry. It may be justifiably claimed that the Islamic theory of knowledge was responsible for blossoming of a culture of free inquiry and rational analytical thinking that as well encompassed the spheres of both theory and practice.

Therefore, summing up of basic and simple facts and phenomenon will certainly broaden our understanding. The feelings and emotions attached with individuals, and groups will be benefited making a healthy society. The living environments will provide an honest platform which will catapult the seekers of knowledge into an orbit of wisdom.

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