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Decoding The Power Principle

POWER is magnetic which means it attracts unto itself so any one or thing that possesses its attributes is capable of attracting more one's or things unto itself. Since a great deal of LIFE deals with "being fruitful and multiplying" then POWER becomes the greatest thing people desire -- even more than money because money afterall is just a way to gain more power...

Therefore, it is important to study this thing called POWER and in particular how certain ones or nations have risen to acquire and use it.

In the video that follows you will discover how the biggest nation in recent history acquired its power along with the tactics they continuously use to maintain their power...

As you can see there are varying degrees of power such as the pure physical strength type as well as the manipulative type that was obviously demonstrated here in this video. But real power is TRUTH! Whenever you hear it -whether you believe it or not- your head turns and your mind begins to spin aright just as the Earth naturally spins aright then once you understand and accept it, your actions too begin to go aright then success becomes the ONLY outcome.

This is why the manipulative form of power purposely hides certain truths or arranges certain truths in a way that gives you the wrong understandings thus leading to wrong actions. What this ultimately does is enslave you to whomever is doing the manipulating because you have nowhere else to turn. And this is how they keep "attracting" you to them increasing their own power.

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An important Lesson I learned a long time ago was that people unknowingly love the devil because he gives them nothing! Really think about that...

The master manipulators give the people nothing except fear and confusion (which is not real!) that keeps them running in circles only to return back to the ones who manipulated them in the first place! And they will never free you from the circle they put you in because you would then begin to act in ways that breaks their form of POWER:

"He who prescribes the diameter of your knowledge also prescribes the circumference of your activities"
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This post was meant to expose the TRUTH which has the most attract-ability so become more attractive today by sharing and passing this on...

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