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Our Biggest Problems In Life Come Mostly From This...

Our biggest problems in life come from the inability to focus on the good we want. Sure we might think it about every now and then but we don't focus on it for long enough periods of time, instead we mostly focus on the things we don't want...

Just think about it: we'll think about being wealthy mostly to get away from the current life that we think is so negative...

And since we're focusing on what we believe is negative (regardless of wanting wealth) we will ALWAYS ATTRACT that negative aspect especially when feelings of any kind surround those thoughts.

SO the thing to do is to shift our focus towards the positive outcomes we want to experience. 

For example, instead of seeing all the reasons and things we want to get away from use the mind to use the things we will HAVE! See the future you want as if you're already living it in the present! And of course it takes more than just seeing it to become real it has to have ENERGY/ELECTRICITY... this energy is in the form of our feelings about IT.

SO when looking at the good things we want in our mind be sure to generate happy feelings about it instead of feelings of frustration.

A couple of ways of generating these "happy feelings" are to mentally hear the sounds of babies laughing and/or your favorite television show as a child while simultaneously visualizing what we want as though we ALREADY HAVE IT!

Obviously, I am not a master of this yet LoL but perhaps if we consistently practice this then it will become a developed habit to the point that WE ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT ~this is the Big Secret of the successful ones~ constant FOCUS on what we truly want as if we already have it coupled with the feelings of happy joyousness for it.

We focus too much on things and feeling we say outloud that we don't even want then get even more frustrated when we attract those things BUT the TRUTH is it is all our own fault...

We will eventually get there regardless of all the lessons we go through that seem real fucked up at times. just remember Psalms 82:6 which reminds us WHO WE ARE. All life circumstances are merely opportunities to perfect ourselves back into what that Palms scripture says we are☺

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