How to Earn Money During The Lockdown


What Is Bitcoin?

By now you have heard of "BITCOIN" and probably wonder exactly what it is?

Is it some kind of seedy underworld gambling thing?

Or is it REALLY A NEW FORM OF MONEY as many have touted?

Or is it just the latest thing at the new Chucky Cheese (lol!)...

The following 37 minute video will give you a thorough understanding of what BITCOIN is and where its supply comes from...

Three important things stood out to me that Mr. Andreas Antonopoulos said in this video:
  1. "The blockchain isn't a system of currency, it is a platform of TRUST, currency is just the first application.."
  2. "It is the conception of decentralization applied to the human communication of value.."
  3. and "Money is a language that we use to communicate value to each other.." 
It would be awesome for you all to add these 3 together then comment what it equals out to you! But to me this sounds like the evolution of money itself and if you think about it, how else can the world truly change unless its form of money does?!

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