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How To Get Sales Using Facebook

How To Get Sales Using Facebook

Facebook is the king of social media and social media is the king of billions of people's past time activities. So if you want to reach the most people you have to go to where they are at.

Once you get there, who in particular should you contact and in what manner? And if you get a rejection, how hard should you continue pushing?

Surely you have heard about all the different people from various backgrounds having spectacular success using social media as their main platform for reaching targeted buyers for their products and services. So are they ALL lying OR do they just know something you don't? And is that SOMETHING a thing you can easily learn without spending years in a college or years graveling at the footstep of some CEO hoping he/she will bless you with the proverbial Holy Grail of marketing wisdom?

Well my good people, I grew tired of listening to other marketers brag about all the success they get from using social media ~Facebook in particular~ to get tons of sales without actually telling you HOW?!!

Soooo I decided to publish a video with the help of a good marketing colleague from across the pond to show you how in detail :)

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to use when traveling the highways of social media:

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