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    How to Force The Universe to Manifest Your Dream Life

    You CAN'T force the universe.

    You don't actually FORCE anything.

    The universe is ALREADY willing to give you everything you want.

    In fact, the very second you think about it… it exists. It isn’t in a "physical" existence yet but the instant you become aware of something in your mind, it has been created...


    Do You Belong To A HIVE?

    ...and if so what hive?
    ...exactly where did YOU come from anyway?
    ...and what determined how our human bodies would look like and operate like?
    ...and what happens after you die?

    Sevan Bomar answers all these questions and more but it is up to you on how to best use these answers. You might want to ask:
    "Well how in the hell does this guy know??"

    And I will answer by saying: